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Small Kitchen Design

Small Kitchen Design Idea

Photo: Interior of a small light kitchen

How to make a small kitchen comfortable, beautiful and truly homely? You can improve the ergonomics of the room by sensible planning. A professional design and antique furniture items will make the kitchen interior stylish. It will also give the room an atmosphere of exquisite old times, where almost everything is a part of family history.

Furnishing of Kitchen Interior

When there’s not enough usable area one of the best planning solutions is a linear arrangement of kitchen units. The designers of Olga’s Studio, who have been working at the interior of this neoclassical kitchen, are certain of this.

While developing this design project, they placed kitchen furniture and appliances along one wall while using cabinets of different depths. It is possible to solve several problems at once: to save space, provide the necessary functionality (which is very important for the kitchen!) And adjust the geometry of the room.

Thanks to high symmetrical cabinets with fancy cornices, it seems that the working surface is located in a niche. In this case, there is no heavy feeling of large furniture items and built-in appliances which, located at a convenient height for the hosts, look very natural. Panels on the left don’t allow the chairs to leave scratches on the walls and make a big kitchen set look balanced.

All Shades of White in the Kitchen Design

White Shades on the Kitchen

In order to add some light to the room, it was decided:

  • to use several shades of white in the kitchen design;
  • to duplicate the wall finishing  in the furniture facades decor;
  • to decorate the wall in front of the working

As the result, not only could the designers visually expand the space of the surface with large mirror panels but also create integrity in space.

As for the bright color accents, their role is brilliantly performed by the kitchen splash guard, made of elegant ceramic tiles in ethnic style.  The top row of cabinets above the working surface is painted inside in a nice pistachio color, which can be seen through the transparent glass inserts in the facades.

Spirit of Antiquity in the Interior of the Kitchen

Such attributes of the past as a crystal chandelier in the Empire style and a wooden sideboard perfectly fit in a small kitchen design. These objects create a special atmosphere in the room, emphasizing the historical continuity of the interior and the link between generations.

The theme of a family kitchen with traditions and rich history was also supported by vintage wooden chairs with light linen upholstery, which together with a small round table form a stylish dining group.

Text: Irina Sedykh

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