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Swimming Pool Design in Adriatic Style

Home Swimming Pool Design

Photo: Starry sky above and the picturesque panels depicting a seascape allow house owners and their guests feel as if they are resting on an exotic island.

Swimming pool design with futuristic details

A private pool is a necessary attribute for a house design of successful, educated and romantic people.  No room, lounge or interior garden can be as pacifying and peaceful as a “domestic sea”. This design project is implemented in eco-style with futuristic details, which can be seen especially in the blue-white-and-beige color scheme. The reference to the seascape is clear: blue waves, beige sand, white shells and the reflection of sunlight.

Интерьер бассейна в загородном доме

Photo: The pool recalls a holiday on the Adriatic coast

Flowing forms of the “coastal area”, open space and a minimum of furniture create an atmosphere of relaxation and rest. The room is designed in the same style: a panel on the wall behind the bar is also dedicated to the marine theme, on the second floor blue and white bean-bag chairs are interspersed, a glass insert in the ceiling recreates the night sky panorama.

Swimming pool design as recollection of your vacation in the Adriatic

Дизайн бассейна в доме

Photo: The pool interior in a country house is not lacking modern futuristic elements

The pool design is intended to smooth away the feeling of artificiality. The edges of the swimming pool is level with the floor,  smooth and shallow descending steps, a panoramic seascape with a yacht spread out over  the whole wall, tropical plants in tubs – all of these allow home owners really feel like they are on an exotic island, imagine that the waves of the Adriatic are splashing at their feet.

Olga Kondratova’s Design Studio specializes in complex and unusual projects. Carefully chosen touches and accents erase all differences between objective reality and a meticulously constructed microcosm within your home.

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