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Symmetry in the Art Deco Living Room Interior

Art - Deco Style Living Room Interior Design

Photo: Art Deco living room interior is notable for symmetry and lots of mirrors

We like spending evenings watching TV or chatting with friends we love in a living room decorated according to our taste. The interior design of the living room can tell a lot about the owner, their preferences and interests. Our new project is designed for people with a very sophisticated taste who prefer the luxury and elegance the Art Deco style offers over any other design options.

Elements of Art Deco and Mirrors in the Interior

Art Deco is a style where wealth and glamour are in harmony with simplicity and practicality. You can see this in this living room design. There are signs of excessive luxury:

  • abundance of natural wood (wood floors and furniture);
  • crystal chandeliers of unique forms;
  • retro style table lamps and sconces;
  • antique furniture in the interior;
  • an abundance of mirrors.

The design project of this room has a lot of mirrors. They occupy all free surfaces and significantly expand the area of the room. Additional sources of light visually enhance the room, causing it to appear larger. Professionally placed lamps leave no shaded area, and their light reflects from the mirror surfaces and transforms an ordinary room into an elite, and yet still a very cozy room.

Defining Features of the Room Interior

Art Deco style is characterized by its angularity and geometry. There is no place for contemporary features, smooth lines and fancy patterns. Therefore, in this living room you can see:

  • rugged furniture;
  • contrasting colors;
  • austere design of doors and framed mirrors;
  • zigzag surface of doors and other features of this style.

While working on the project of this living room, designers of Olga’s Studio made the central part of the room meet its original purpose as the living room. Here you can spend your time chatting with friends or watching TV, because this area includes:

  • Two sofas;
  • a coffee table;
  • a cabinet;
  • an LCD TV.

On both sides of the main functional zone there are two additional areas. One of them for playing the piano while the other can be used as a place for reading, having a cup of coffee or just relaxing after a workday.

If you are tired of the ordinary interiors and dull design of your own homes, make a choice in favor of exotic originality of this apartment design in the style of Art Deco. This apartment will show your preferences and will put you in touch with the elegance, grandeur and chic of the elite environment.

Text: Rimma Alexandrova

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