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Modern Classic Living Room Design Idea 2015

Photo: In a first variant of the living room interiors the designers used crimson accents If you dream of a cozy and stylish living room, choose the modern-classic with vintage furniture. This kind of  interior always looks interesting, it does not require large investments, and most importantly — is good for everyone, without exceptions. Modern-classic in

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Art-deco Style Kitchen - Living Room Interior design

In the photo: Facet mirror surfaces, uncommon table lamps and the furniture which reflects the style of Art Deco very well A narrow kitchen and not so spacious living room are common problems of many apartments. Replanning helps to solve this problem by creating a new combined kitchen-living room. While working on this project, we

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Neoclassic Style Kid's Room Idea

In the picture: The first variant of the interior for a girl has a canopy What should the interior of a girl’s room be like? Light, airy, beautiful and functional. The perfect variant is a room in the neoclassical style with the right zoning and the use of antique furniture as a bright interior accent.

idea of Study Room Interior Design in the Art - Deco Style

Photo: Study interior the style of Art Deco When it comes to the interior of the study, most people imagine a cozy room in classic style with respectable oak bookcases, good for brain stimulation and fruitful work. If you decide to diverge a little bit from the classical canons and add some rich colors and

Living Room Interior Design in the Neoclassic Style

Photo: Living room neoclassical interior is implemented in light colors Plenty of light and free space is a mandatory requirement for any living room. Such conditions are perfect for designing a living room in the neoclassical style. While working on this project’s implementation, we’ve used techniques common for neoclassicism, professionally combining them with the features

Living Room Interior Design with Stove

Any apartment, regardless of its style, design, or size, should embody a private island of coziness and comfort. For one of these apartments, we have designed the living room in a typical style for Lithuania, in which motifs of modern and retro interiors intertwine. Special Features of the Living Room Interior Design A unique and

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Small Kitchen Design Idea

Photo: Interior of a small light kitchen How to make a small kitchen comfortable, beautiful and truly homely? You can improve the ergonomics of the room by sensible planning. A professional design and antique furniture items will make the kitchen interior stylish. It will also give the room an atmosphere of exquisite old times, where

Bathroom Design after repair

When the owners moved into their newly acquired apartment in an old house in Vilnius, , they didn’t want to remodel it right away. A poorly thought-out interior design could ruin its European charm and turn a historical monument of architecture into an ordinary unremarkable residence. Therefore, it was first decided to simply decorate the

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Home interiors created by Olga’s Studio stylistically correspond to neoclassicism. The facade of the mansion itself is classical with symmetry as its distinctive feature. Tall French windows determine the style of the interiors. Photo: Front of the house with French windows    Photo: Tall white double door in a style very similar to that of

Kitchen - Living Room Design Idea and Picture

Interrelation of the interiors and exteriors. Interiors before decorating The interior can be so much connected with the atmosphere of the house or the whole city that even a simple change of wallpaper can destroy this mysterious relation. This apartment in Vilnius illustrates such an example. Its owners have decided not to make a major