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Beige Pink Nursery Design

Beige and rose children’s room design for girls This children’s room design for girls in neoclassic style is ideal for both younger and older school girls because it meets the needs of different ages thanks to its two distinct bedroom and study areas. Children’s Bedroom Design Project: Bedroom, Study, Living Room Children’s bedrooms are multifunctional

Дизайн маленькой кухни: фото и современные идеи

Photo: a small beige kitchen design with red accents A small kitchen can be a real problem. Especially if we are talking about a large family who is used to eating at home and gathering for a family dinner in the evening. Of course, in some cases the size of the apartment allows one to

Современные идеи дизайна прихожей. Фото интерьера

Photo: Neoclassical \white hallway design Neoclassical hallway with a touch of Provence and Art Deco, created by designers of Olga’s Studio, is filled with light and air. Due to interesting decorating techniques, effective color palette and well-chosen accessories, this small hallway looks luxurious and festive. Hallway Interior Design as a Kind of Art While developing

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Дизайн белой кухни в стиле неоклассика

Photo: White neoclassical kitchen-dining room interior in the apartment If you look at photos of modern ideas from 2015 in the world of interiors, you immediately see that now the kitchen-dining room design in the apartment often depends on living room decorative solutions. You will rarely find a kitchen isolated from the rest of the

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Дизайн детской для двух девочек

In the illustration: The interior of the room is perfect for twins or sisters Twins or siblings often have to share the same room. Therefore, when working on the interiors for two children, girls or boys, designers should take into account interests and passions of both parties, which can be very different and even opposite.

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Дизайн ванной комнаты

Photo: This bathroom interior has decor common for living rooms Decor of Living Rooms in the Bathroom Interior We spend quite some time in the bathroom, that’s why we want it to be as cozy and comfortable as, for example, a living room. Modern ideas offer using the décor of the living room in a

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Дизайн детской комнаты для мальчика

In the draft: Child’s room interior with a podium and a window-sill-bench Modern Ideas in the Interior of a Neoclassical Child’s Room A restrained neo-classical design of a child’s room for a boy is a novelty in 2015. When working on this project designers of Olga’s Studio thoroughly organized space in this relatively small room

Bedroom Art-deco Interior Design

Photo: Cream and chocolate shades are used in the bedroom interior A modern interior can combine the influences of different eras. It can look very luxurious and expensive, but in fact be quite economical and comfortable. It is easily seen in the example of an apartment design where modern and classical influences blend harmoniously. Today

Modern Classic Living Room Design Idea 2015

Photo: In a first variant of the living room interiors the designers used crimson accents If you dream of a cozy and stylish living room, choose the modern-classic with vintage furniture. This kind of  interior always looks interesting, it does not require large investments, and most importantly — is good for everyone, without exceptions. Modern-classic in

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Bedroom Interior Design with Neoclassic Style Elements

Photo: Bedroom interior in the neoclassical style Many things make a bedroom look cozy, but most important are: practical and correct selection of furniture and textile decoration. There should be nothing odd, cumbersome or awkward in such a room. These are the requirements we had while designing the bedroom in blue and white colors. Neoclassical