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2 Variants of the Girl’s Room in the Neoclassical Style

Neoclassic Style Kid's Room Idea

In the picture: The first variant of the interior for a girl has a canopy

What should the interior of a girl’s room be like? Light, airy, beautiful and functional. The perfect variant is a room in the neoclassical style with the right zoning and the use of antique furniture as a bright interior accent.

The Palace “Coup”, Neoclassicism in the Child’s Room Design

When the designers of Olga’s Studio started working on this project, they wanted to create a light and functional room in the neoclassical style with a large bed, a comfortable work place and a cozy area for receiving guests. As a result, they designed an almost royal bedroom, but without too much pathos and officialdom. It is girlie, sweet and gentle.

A crystal chandelier, wallpaper with an unobtrusive floral pattern, strict ceiling cornices and gypsum rosette, paired wall lamps and table lamps with textile shades, all combine to give the interior design a distinct classical look. It is supported by a large bed with a fancy, high headboard (it is soft and padded), which may be supplemented by a transparent canopy on tall racks and white patinated furniture.

Zoning of the Child’s Room

In order to preserve a unified space, it was decided not to use partitions. Instead, zoning was done by using furniture and decor. According to the design project (while creating which, by the way, several variants of the interior were presented), a large carpet marked the areas of: the bedroom and the living room, open shelves, as well as a workplace at the window. By using a windowsill as a desk they managed to save some useful space.

Antiques in the Child’s Room Interior

Интерьер детской комнаты

In the picture: The second variant of the child’s room interior differs from the first one by the color solution and the absence of a canopy

By using light colors in a child’s room design, it seems to be larger and the massive pieces of furniture (cabinet, bookcase, bed, chest of drawers) – seem lighter. Antiques brought from Europe became special features of this room: an elegant chair at the desk, and a cozy armchair with velvet upholstery near the reception area. There is also a nice sofa that resembles a garden bench and acts as a zoning element which separates the bedroom from the living room. All of these things perfectly fit into the environment and give the room a lived-in look.

It needs to be pointed out that the integration of antiques in the interior is one of the latest trends of contemporary design. Experts of Olga Kondratova’s studio often use vintage chairs, coffee tables and consoles in their projects, which make the interior brighter, more interesting and add some historical authenticity to them. A regular supply of antique furniture from European countries, organized by Olga’s Studio, allows for the choosing something nice for any project.

Text: Irina Sedykh

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