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Dining room interior design: creating a cozy eating area

Beige Kitchen Dining Room Interior

OLGA’S STUDIO offers dining room interior design at a price from €25 per square meter. We create cozy and comfortable spaces for eating. It can be an official reception room or an informal room for family breakfasts, lunches or dinners. We always recommend to separate the dining room: even if its floor area is only 8 square meters, it is better than eating in other rooms.

Dining room configuration: disposition and decoration

Creating a dining room, our designers realise the following ideas and approaches:

  • A dining room may be created by the kitchen reconfiguration: leaving about 3 square meters for a cooking area, it is possible to create a full-scale eating venue.
  • An eating area may also be created in a living room by separating 8-10 square meters with an aperture on the walls and the ceiling forming a so-called alcove. Visually the living room stays complete, but the eating area becomes separated and can be furnished and decorated optimally.
  • A zoning method can also be used for separating an eating area in the hall or a walk-through room.

There is a good rule: the dining room should be very close to the kitchen. It facilitates the process of bringing the prepared meals. The best solution is direct access from the kitchen to the dining room, or a window with a tabletop from the kitchen side.

Official dining rooms for a big number of guests need not less than 18 square meters of floor area. At the same time, an informal “home” room for family meals can be arranged at 6 square meters.

Why choosing a separate dining room?

Whatever room you choose for eating, there are always several inconveniences:

  • The living room is not the best place for eating, as there is always a risk of blotting the furniture and carpets. It is also inconvenient to use sofas instead of chairs.
  • The kitchen is a place for cooking, not for eating: it is hot there, a lot of dirty dishes and working domestic appliances and not enough space to place a dinette set. Not comfortable at all.
  • Walk-through rooms or halls are also not quite suitable for this role since placing a table with chairs can create inconvenience.

The conclusion is simple: in any apartment, even in a small one, it is necessary to carry out a reconfiguration and provide for a separate dining room. It will not only improve the operational properties of the apartment, but also significantly increase its market price.

Variety of design for optimal dining room
Our studio provides a service of interior design project creation, which includes:

  • Reconfiguration of premises: arrangement of niches or partitions to obtain a separate dining room.
  • Choosing colors and finishing materials. Depending on the style and function of the room, rich and deep or, conversely, neutral and gentle shades can be chosen.
  • Selection of furniture. It includes choosing a dinette set, table and chairs, as well as other furniture.
  • Decoration and lighting. To create the optimal atmosphere, all the necessary details should be considered

As a result, you get an optimal dining room, which will make your meals more comfortable, family breakfasts and dinners cozier, and the receptions of guests more solemn and bright. Call us now to get a free consultation!

Dining Rooms from Our Portfolio

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