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Interior designer Olga Kondratova

Interior Designer Olga Kondratova

On this page we did our best to give comprehensive responses to questions, frequently asked by our customers. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for on this page, please, contact our studio or leave your comments below.

Questions and Answers

All issues associated with getting approval for alteration variants offered by the Studio are addressed by our contractors. With the support of our experts, the process of collecting documents and all necessary paperwork will not be time-consuming.

At the stage of design project implementation a decorator will be engaged in the process, assisting you in selecting furniture, finishing materials and all the necessary accessories. You will also have a chance to use our recommended suppliers of interior decoration items and most reliable furniture manufacturers. And you can be absolutely sure that your project implementation will exactly match the designer’s concept, on condition you order the “Designer supervision” service.

Yes, we provide our customers with assistance in selecting a construction team. Our Studio can offer you a number of construction companies we have established contacts with. We guarantee a high level of professionalism of all the construction teams we recommend. Experienced and reputable builders will carry out the repair works in time.

In our Studio the price for repair works starts from €216/m2. It can vary depending on the complexity and urgency of the project.

Projects are carried out as follows:

  • A complete design project — from 1 to 3 months.
  • Planning concepts and express-design — 14 business days.

Engineering project development is carried out by our contractors. An engineering project includes the following works:

  • electric networks;
  • “Smart House” system;
  • systems of automated control of separate units;
  • water supply, wastewater and sewage systems;
  • ventilation and air-conditioning systems;
  • architectural construction of separate units of a building.

You can consult the Director of Olga’s Studio, designer Olga Kondratova by appointment. The cost of the service is 5000 rub/hour. Please, note you are not obliged to order a design project after the consultation. The cost of a project developed by Olga Kondratova is — €87/m2.

The total area of the object should be at least 50 m2.

The interior design project is created in 3 stages:

  1. development of the planning concepts;
  2. creating project drawings for builders;
  3. 3D visualization of the interior.

The interior planning concepts of a house or an apartment developed by the designers of Olga’s Studio are always based on our clients’ preferences. Our company offers at least 4 variants of layout, one of which fully reflects the client’s idea of a perfect home. The other three variants present the interior design solutions from the professionals’ perspective. These three variants are developed according to a technical specification and correspond exactly to construction rules and regulations and design standards. Our experience suggests that with such a wide range of planning concepts you can always find the one you will be completely satisfied with. If this does not happen, we simply make necessary adjustments at the designing stage.

The number of the interior visualizations depends on the service you’ve selected. If the number of the provided images seems insufficient, you can always order additional pictures for an extra fee.

Before making a visualization of the future interior, the designer in charge of the project discusses with the customer all the details, even the colours and the number of vases on the table. During the conversation, our expert will demonstrate you his ideas. Thanks to this preliminary discussion, only minor adjustments to the visualisation have to be made later.

The Design Studio has always been trying to resolve conflicts without compromising the production process.

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