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Hallway and Corridor Interior Design

Hallway Interior

Hallway and corridor interior design

OLGA’S STUDIO invites you to order a hallway interior design in Vilnius, Riga, Prague as well as in other cities of the Baltic states, Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic and France by beneficial prices starting form €25 per square meter. Keeping to the traditional design approach, we will create a light-filled, cozy and welcoming hallway.

Special aspects of spacious hallways interior design

If you examine the photos of the hallways interior design on our website, you will notice two types of such premises: small “city” corridors with floor area limited to several square meters and spacious hallways in private houses. The design solutions are completely different for these two types.

For a spacious hallway design we suggest:

  • A balanced image in the style corresponding with the building architecture and atmosphere. Our designers will suggest you the best variant to realize the potential of the premises – from austere classicism to luxury palace style. We will help you to select wallpaper of pastel shades, wall painting and other decoration elements.

  • Well-designed illumination. Natural lighting plays a key role in a spacious hallway. We use internal windows, stained-glass windows and transparent partitions in order to make the hallway well-lit. We also create a balanced artificial lighting by using wall and table luminaires, helping to create necessary atmosphere.

  • Trusted floor solutions: traditional ways to lay the parquet, stone flooring and carpets in order to create warm and cozy atmosphere. It results in an integral balanced design staying up-to-date for years.

Making small corridors wider and brighter

In case of designing a small corridor the modern minimalism is the best option to use. There are also several ways to counterbalance moderate dimensions:

  • Visual lighting by using uniform artificial illumination and light shade furniture. The majority of corridors in the apartments lack for natural lighting, thus we compensate its deficit.

  • Adding maximum of natural lighting by using glass in the doors, stained-glass windows and transparent partitions. In order to make the corridor lighter and friendly, all the doors to the living rooms contain glass elements. For more privacy we use opal or stained glass.

  • Adding more space by using mirrors. We use wardrobes with mirror doors, wall mirrors or entire mirror walls. Mirrors are always a good idea, they make any narrow corridor more spacious and wide.

  • Minimal space occupied by furniture. We suggest using niches, built-in cupboards, narrow wardrobes and other modest-sized solutions not overcharging the corridor.

In most cases it is not worth reconfiguring the corridor for the purpose of extension of space, so it would be better to make the premises brighter and cozier using correct design.

OLGA’S STUDIO smart solutions

Our prices for the hallway or corridor interior design in an apartment or a private house start from €25. Our specialists will develop necessary construction documentation including decoration sets and furniture selection helping to achieve the desired image. 3D visualization or a sketch will also be suggested as an option.

We design small corridors as scrupulously and at high quality standards as any other room. That is why we succeed with the corridors of any dimensions. Call us now to get a free consultation of our designer!

Hallway and Corridor Interiors from Our Portfolio

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