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Lighting design in the interior

Luxury Chandelier in Classic Style

OLGA'S STUDIO specialists offer interior lighting design, creating a comfortable and cozy living environment with successful illumination. We are experienced in implementing projects in Vilnius, as well as in other cities of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, the Czech Republic and other European countries. We know how to make a room more comfortable using proper lighting, hide its weaknesses and achieve an impressive appearance.

Natural lighting design

Lighting design can be divided into two categories: natural and artificial lighting. When working with natural light, we take into account the following features:

  • Decoration of window openings: from the shape and design of window frames (if replacing them is technologically acceptable) to drapery. Working with the texture of the window opening, you can change the style of the entire room: make it light or, conversely, more private and muted. We use the most narrow frames, due to which the window transmits more light. Window jambs are finished with reflective paint or white wooden fielded panels, improving illumination.
  • The use of glass partitions to transmit light indoors. If there is only one source of natural light, and the room is quite spacy, it can be divided into zones using glass partitions. As a result, you get a light and well-zoned room.
  • A “second light” design project. If the room has a large height (a penthouse or a private house), an additional row of windows in the upper part of the room will become an interesting solution. It can be a roof lamp, sloped attic windows under the ceiling or high panoramic glazing. Usually the interior design of a house with a “second light” belongs to the elite projects category, is used for country houses and allows achieving a unique effect of sunlight in a big living room interior, a hall or an official dining room.

The idea of lighting design with the use of natural light is not only to get good insolation of the interior, but also to emphasize its advantages and hide the disadvantages with successful penetration of daylight into the windows of the apartment or house.

Artificial lighting design

The design and disposition of artificial light sources are also very important. When developing them, we adhere to the following principles:

  • Zones are separated by light. Effective zoning is achieved by the correct illumination.
  • Several illumination levels: general diffused lighting with ceiling lights, local lighting with spot and directional lighting fixtures.
  • The style of the lamps in accordance with the image of the interior. For both modern and classic interiors, you can choose appliances that are suitable by plastic, color and geometry.
  • Light is not only lamps. In particular, for a more aesthetic distribution of lighting in the room, finishing materials and furniture texture can be specially selected. For example, reflective materials allow to visually expand the room, matte ones scatter rays and make the room brighter.

As a result, all rooms get optimal lighting meeting their functional purposes. Call us right now, and we will provide free consultation on lighting design in your interior!

Interior Lighting Design Ideas from Our Portfolio

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