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Kitchen Interior Design

White Kitchen Design Idea and Picture

Even having a commodious ideally arranged house with wonderful furniture produced by famous manufacturers, it is difficult to create a 100% ergonomic and comfortable space. You also need good taste and should understand color palette and zoning techniques.

The design studio of Olga Kondratova сompletes such tasks. We design turnkey solutions for houses and apartments in compliance with art principles and construction standards.

You can find pictures of the created interiors in our portfolio section. In order to make the kitchen pretty to look at and meet the idea of comfort and functionality, you should order a professional kitchen interior design. OLGA’S STUDIO team of talented designers fulfills creative tasks of modern kitchen arrangement. We realize challenging ideas, create nonstandard solutions, develop unusual projects for multifunctional premises.

What the kitchen reconfiguration serves for?

Thanks to our sovietic past, the majority of us used to consider kitchen to be a full-fledged room, as the living part of the house. Meanwhile, the kitchen is a utility space, designed for service functions.

A kitchen doesn't need big windows, illumination should be organised in a different way comparing with the other rooms. Kitchens often have an unusual form and affect the geometry of neighbor rooms. It creates salient angles and unbeautiful niches. The ergonomics of the rooms which are more architecturally important is also being affected.

Enlarging kitchens by merging spaces, allocating too much space for cooking is a huge mistake. A big table looks unnatural in the kitchen, as it is a service area of the house. You can refuse many functional elements, which are used rarely.

Beautiful dinner furniture should be better located in the dining room or in the living room. It helps to avoid free space deficit in the kitchen. Reasonable reconfiguration allows rearranging space efficiently and setting the priorities in a proper way. The indispensable minimum stays for kitchen; the dining room is a priority.

What is the price of a kitchen interior design?

OLGA'S STUDIO offers turnkey kitchen interior designs at a discussable price. Expensive solutions — for ideal kitchen interiors. The cost of a project including 3-4 options of furniture and plumbing equipment disposition solutions starts from €25 per square meter. The VIP-package price starts from €65 per square meter and includes designer supervision and site visit in addition to standard services.

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