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Living Room Interior Design

Modern Art-Deco Living Room Interior

Living Room Interior Design

Custom living room interior design is one of the OLGA'S STUDIO most popular services. The living room is the main room of a private interior. Only professionals can add character to the living room, make it fashionable, comfortable and multi-purpose.

The functions of the living room

The living room in an apartment or in a private house can simultaneously fulfill several functions:

  • Recreation space.

  • Family meeting room.

  • Room for reception of guests.

  • Very often serves as a dining room for festal dinners.

  • Coffee room after the main meal in the dining room.

  • In small apartments often serves as a study.

  • Business meeting room in an informal setting. If the proprietor invites colleagues and partners from time to time, the living room should be elegant and reflect the status of its proprietor.

Is it possible to create a living room interior design without professional help so that it fulfills all the above functions? You can try, if you understand design and architecture and have such an experience. Otherwise you should better order a professional living room interior design at the interior design studio.

The issues to consider while designing a living room interior

The main task of the living room interior designers is to create not only a beautiful, but also a functional and comfortable interior. OLGA’S STUDIO specialists prefer using traditional principles and time-proved solutions, taking into account all the client’s preferences.

The working process of the interior designers consists of numerous steps, including:

  • Working with the configuration in the plan considering all architectural rules and relative approaches.

  • Adequate furnishing of both big and small rooms, space planning.

  • Choosing the interior design stylistics in correspondence with the age and historical period of the building as well as the agreed budget.

  • Selection of the interior design color layout.

While designing your living room interior we will measure your accommodation, create a planning concept, prepare detailed documentation and sketches and provide a designer supervision of the renovation works if needed.

The cost of the living room interior design at OLGA’S STUDIO

The exact price of the design project depends on several issues:

  • Floor area

  • Complexity of work

  • Chosen service package

Please note, that we create living room interior designs only within the framework of entire objects or their major parts. You can equally order a separate sketch or a 3D living room design visualization.

You can make an application on our website in order to check the price and order an interior design of a living room united with a kitchen or a usual living room in an apartment or in a private house.

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