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Mass-Media About Us

Логотипы изданий и СМИ Журнал "Красивые квартиры", август 2014

Interview with the head of Design Studio and Olga’s Studio Olga Kondratova was published in August edition of “Beautiful apartments” magazine.

O.K. I want to make a real authentic apartment, similar to the pre-revolutionary one of a professor such as in the novel The Heart of a Dog. It also shouldn’t be a picture of mercantile Moscow, but rather that of imperial St.Petersburg. There are a lot of residences of such kinds and suitable yards… It would be interesting to create a manorial estate of Chekhov’s times with white columns and a terrace. That is why I am studying special literature of the XIX century, dedicated to design of such houses. It seems as if a feeling of nostalgia lives in me…

«BigPicture» about Design Studio by Olga Kondratova

Дизайн-студия изнутри

As the popularization of interior design continues to spread across the globe, it has brought about this fact: that it is nearly impossible not to come across a single word related to this sphere, be it in print or on-line media.


As a result, the head of Olga’s Studio has on more than one occasion been invited by television journalists to be their guest. A lot of media coverage has been devoted to the Design Studio of Olga Kondratova and has given the chance for a new portal called “the Big Picture”. The concept of this portal is to host interesting pictures, the subject of which can be anything, as long as the pictures meet the main requirement: that they present a certain artistic value to the target audience of the presenter.

Журнал "Мир и дом", октябрь 2013

How to Create an Ideal Bathroom

Водный мир: по своим правилам

Those who have thought at least once about what an ideal bathroom should be like need to be aware of the latest trends in the world of bathrooms design. Before you start designing the interior of your dream you should choose a style. Modern technologies allow the creation of bathrooms in a variety of styles and trends: from traditional classics and modern hi-tech to ethnic style. Provence and English styles have recently become incredibly popular. The Art Deco style will be appreciated by connoisseurs of glamour and a more luxurious lifestyle.

Статья на портале Abitant

Most of the works in the portfolio of our design studio are focused on the preservation of family values. In a recent interview, the head of Olga’s Studio Olga Kondratova told ABITANT about how important it is to build a connection of the interiors with the past. One of the main secrets of Studio’s success is the ability to develop competent planning solutions. When working on the design of apartments in old houses, Olga Kondratova always attempts to create the impression of being in a historical environment associated with the past rather than that of a typical trendy remake. According to the designer, the main thing in her work is the ability to express the individuality of the customer. The interior should become something akin to an “architectural portrait” of a particular person. You can find the full text of the interview with Olga Kondratova on our site.

РБК Недвижимость

Designer’s Advice about Small Kitchen Interior Design

Дизайн кухни


The head of Olga’s Studio Olga Kondratova, shared valuable tips on designing a kitchen and a dining room with the readers of the portal “RBC Real Estate” (July, 2013).


Most of us realize that kitchen space is not only meant for cooking. The kitchen is a place for family breakfasts and dinners with friendly company. That’s why a kitchen should be a pleasant place to spend time in. A well-organized and well-decorated kitchen pleases the eye and greatly simplifies the process of cooking. You can learn all the secrets of of how to professionally organization kitchen space from the full text article.

Журнал Квартирный ответ

Apartment Interior in a Moscow High-rise

Интерьер прихожей в квартире на Котельнической

“Квартирный ответ» magazine №6 (95), 2013, published an article devoted to one of the interiors by Olga Kondratova. The text of this publication details the process of creating a design project of an apartment located in a Stalin-era high-rise.

High-rise buildings in downtown Moscow symbolize imperial Stalin’s architecture with its indisputable advantages. However, it’s rather common that the apartment interiors in these houses does not reveal any connection with the extraordinary architectural design of its facades

The owners of such an apartment had to make a harmonious connection between the interior decoration and the exterior. After all, according to the layout, the apartment in the initial state was more like a typical Soviet communal flat than an apartment in the center of Moscow. However, the view of the Moscow River from the window very quickly inspired designers to create an interior masterpiece.

The information on a small flat with a narrow corridor and how it managed to turn into a bright and spacious apartment, you can be found in the interview for “Housing Reply” magazine

Статья в журнале Архидом

Ethnic Africa in the Design of a Bachelor’s Apartment 

Квартира в стиле ар-деко для холостяка

“ARCHIDOM” magazine always pays attention to unusual interior design projects created by truly passionate people. Of course, the design of this stylish apartment for a bachelor could not remain unnoticed by the editors of the magazine. The client is a young businessman, who is fond of minimalism and Art Deco. A large area of premises and a good layout provided a lot of space for imagination. The process of work on the interior of the apartment can be found on our website.

Интервью дизайнера Ольги Кондратовой телеканалу «Доверие»

Olga Kondratova’s interview for the TV channel “Doveriye”(Trust)

Интервью дизайнера Ольги Кондратовой телеканалу "Доверие"


In an interview for a Moscow TV channel “Doveriye”(Trust) designer Olga Kondratova talks about current trends in the world of interior design.
In her TV speech, Head of Olga’s Studio also explains what designer’s renovation is, and talks about the most popular styles and methods of finishing.


Olga Kondratova believes that the timeless classical style is gradually replacing high-tech and minimalism. This trend persists due to the fact that each of us wants to come back home to be embraced by a cosy, family atmosphere of tranquility. During the programme some examples of interior design projects are shown, which proves the idea of a growing demand for the classics.

Интервью дизайнера Ольги Кондратовой Первому каналу

Proper Design of a Children’s room

Как правильно оборудовать детскую комнату?


Designer Olga Kondratova acts as an expert in the programme “Other News” dedicated to children’s rooms.
Head of Olga’s Studio shared her vision of interior design for children in the interview with TV host.


As a rule, families with two or more children have to create a common room for all the kids. After all, not everyone can afford the luxury of a separate room for each child. The task of adjusting the room for several children requires certain knowledge of area zoning methods. Keep in mind that the design of a children’s room has a direct impact on the formation of a child’s psychology.

«Идеи Вашего дома» №6 (июнь) 2011 г.

A Small Apartment for Mother and Daughter

«Cover story» «Идеи Вашего дома» N6 (июнь) 2011 г.

The project “Women’s History”, authored by Olga Kondratova, made the cover of the magazine “Ideas for Your Home» №6 (June) 2011

The interior was designed for a mother and her daughter.  Thanks to the competent redevelopment and use of classical elements of decor, a small apartment on Taganka turned into an elegant and cozy city flat.  After the redecoration, the feeling inadequate space has completely disappeared and the apartment has found its own individual look.

Olga Kondratova knows very well the Taganka district in Moscow, which was actively developed in the Stalin era very well.  Despite the fact that the flat is located in a panel building of the 70s, the architect decided to bring into the interior some neo-classical elements of the last century.

The full version of the article can be found in our blog.

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