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Apartment reconfiguration

When you have no constructive ideas of the redevelopment of inconvenient space, we recommend ordering a moderately priced apartment reconfiguration at a professional agency. Olga Kondratova design studio renders design services, develops reconfiguration projects including those on a turnkey basis.

OLGA'S STUDIO designers create sketches of the project solutions — the space-planning drafts where the aesthetic and ergonomic rules are taken into consideration. The freehand sketches represent the designer’s idea. The sketch offers insight into the possible image of the apartment after reconfiguration. If the sketch is approved, a full-scale project should be ordered.

Flat planning

What does the space-planning solution include?

A reconfiguration project should be created before the apartment redevelopment. The project includes:

Measuring of the premises

  • 3 or 4 reconfiguration options
  • Preparation of the construction teardown plan (if needed)
  • Preparation of the reconfiguration plan including furnishing

The construction design is also a popular service. As a result of the work the client gets a set of technical documents agreed upon and prepared for reconfiguration and its registration.

What is the cost of an apartment reconfiguration?

The cost of the space-planning solution constitutes 40% of the full interior design cost. The rooms may be of any floor space. The customer gets 4 reconfiguration options including furnishing and plumbing equipment disposition.

Where to order an apartment reconfiguration project?

OLGA'S STUDIO highly skilled specialists will develop an individual reconfiguration project of your apartment.

Residential and non-residential premises

40%of complete design project price

  • Several space-planning solutions only
  • Without visualization of future interior
  • Professional measurement of premises
  • At least 4 replanning options
  • Construction plan
  • Scale measurement, furniture and bathroom fittings

Gallery of space-planning solutions

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