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Study Interior Design

Wooden study rom interior

OLGA'S STUDIO offers custom study interior designs. We provide proper organisation of the internal space, convenient and efficient working environment, full correspondence with the proprietor’s preferences at any initial conditions. We create home offices in classic and modern styles.

Studies and separate areas design options

Creating a study interior design project, our specialists take into consideration the overall area of the house, particularities of the inner configuration, the premises stylistics. We use various zoning methods and original decoration ideas if necessary in order to meet the customer's expectations.

The decisions regarding a study in an apartment or a private house and a separate working area are taken considering numerous aspects:

  1. The working place is organised in the living room or sleeping room with a balanced interior. Correspondence with the general style is the most important thing. Finishing materials, furniture and accessories of the same style should be selected.
  2. A study at an enclosed balcony. We use zoning ideas and optimal microclimate creation technologies. We create a united area concept.
  3. A modest-sized separate room in an apartment. We create a convenient and functional study, emphasizing the proprietor’s status, despite limited space.
  4. A spacy study with a fireplace in a country house, united with a library. In such a case we make provisions for bookcases and a separate break area close to the fireplace. If there is no flue, we offer a bio fireplace with various arrangement ways: floor, desktop or set-in.

What should be foreseen

Any design project requires foreseeing numerous details for comfortable and efficient work:

  • Illumination. We examine all the possibilities of sufficient natural lighting in the working area during the whole day. Ergonomic illumination should be organized if necessary;
  • Color solutions. A businessman, director or scientist needs an environment forming discipline and motivating for many hours of work. It can be achieved by using cold shades, massive furniture and no unnecessary details. Creative people need inspiration. In such cases a lot of space and warm shades in the interior have a beneficial effect;
  • Accessories. In order to create a “complete” space, we use decoration corresponding with the general style: panels, pictures, flower compositions. They make the atmosphere more friendly and cozy.

The cost of the study interior design

The initial price of the study interior design in Vilnius as well as in other big cities of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, France, Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany starts from €25 per square meter. You can find the pictures of our best projects on our website.

Study Room Interior Design Ideas and Pictures


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