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Swimming Pool Interior Design

Swimming pool interior design

OLGA’S STUDIO specialists create swimming pool interior design for private houses in Vilnius and its suburbs, Riga as well as other locations of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and other European states. A swimming pool in a private house significantly expands the functionality of the home, replacing both a gym and a SPA. And we can help you to make it cozy and unlock the potential of the room.

Special aspects of swimming pools design

A swimming pool is quite a complicated construction combining two elements:

  • The technical solution: it is necessary to take care of the proper climate equipment, water purification systems and other details, making water remain clean and the room keep a comfortable climate. A water surface in a closed room (albeit a large one) is a serious risk factor for all structures, so the technology comes to the fore.
    • Aesthetic solution: since the pool is a place where a person relaxes and enjoys swimming or various SPA procedures, the image of the room should contribute to relaxation, create a feeling of coziness and comfort.

After looking at the pictures of the swimming pools interior design, you can see how our designers combine technology and aesthetics to get an organic look. To achieve these goals, the following techniques apply:

  • The most natural placement of water surface in the interior. In order to make an artificial pond play out all the colors, it is important to organically introduce it into the room. The approaches can be different: eco-style with natural wooden surfaces, hi-tech with sparkling chrome pool details – the main thing is to achieve a complete and stylish look with the necessary accents.
  • Getting inspired by the configuration of the walls. The pool can be placed not only at the ground level. On the contrary, some owners of country houses order design projects with a swimming area on the attic. Depending on the shape of the walls, appropriate finishing solutions are selected.
  • We think about functionality. Most often, the rooms are quite large, so they allow us to introduce additional functional areas. For example, to place exercisers or even equip a separate section for a Finnish sauna.
  • One style design of natural and artificial light. Light effects are especially interesting when refracting in water, therefore, surface and underwater lighting is thought out.

OLGA’S STUDIO optimal swimming pool design projects

We offer competitive prices for swimming pool interior design. The price starts from €25 per square meter for private houses. This price includes measuring, a space-planning solution, detailed design and surface finishing, selection of equipment and furniture as well as other necessary works in order to provide you with a comfortable and aesthetic place for swimming and SPA. Call us now to order a free designer consultation!

Highly skilled designers and architects. Working since 2001.

Swimming Pool Interiors from Our Portfolio

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